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Журнал «Педагогический диалог» № 3 (2020 год)


Тhis edition can give answers to such questions as “How to create a well-being territory
for a child?” and “How to make a school a comfort zone?”
The importance of such questions is stemmed by those children being the most
vulnerable social group. In most cases they face consistently not only the family illbeing,
problems in communicating with parents and peers, but the poor academic
performance as well. However, as authors justly note, the academic performance
positively impacts on the student’s satisfaction with his own life, the trustworthy dialogue
with parents builds a high self-esteem and neutralizes an aggression, amiable relationships
with peers influence the social adaptation.
Moreover, authors revealed not only pedagogical problems of the schoolchildren’
vulnerability, but also examined issues of the emotion management and maintenance of the
mental well-being of teachers.

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