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Observing online lessons of teachers from leading schools

In accordance with the joint plan of the Center of Excellence (hereinafter – CoE) and the Center for Modernization of Education of Nur-Sultan akimat (hereinafter – CME) to provide the methodological support to activities of teachers from leading schools, from 21 January to 28 January 2021 online lessons of Nur-Sultan teachers were organized and observed.

Within the organization stage, observation sheets of an online lesson determining the observation focus and a schedule for observing online lessons from leading schools were developed.

On 19 January 2021 with the help of CME, CoE conducted the online meeting of objectives, assignments and mechanisms of the methodological landing for organizing the lesson observation for the administration of leading schools, for directors, deputy directors and coordinators of leading schools.

On 5 February 2021, the CME methodologist conducted a webinar for the methodological support and an analysis of online lesson results. In the end of online lesson observations, general conclusions and recommendations of trainers were presented.

In order to provide the methodological support, the CoE has planned series of webinars for teachers, who presented their lessons for the observation, as well as deputy directors for teaching and methodical work from 24 February to 26 February 2021

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